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5. What’s the difference between Fog Coat, Brush Coat, and Paint?

Fog and Brush coat may be applied to blend new color coat finishes and revitalize old stucco colors. It is a portland cement base product and can be recoated with stucco color coat in the future.

  • Fog or Brush Coat may be applied after 24-hours, or when the color has set. The color intensity may be field adjusted by using base fog to lighten the color and box color to darken the color.
  • On smooth finishes such as Santa Barbara, an acrylic additive should be added to the fog or brush coat to improve adhesion to the stucco color coat.
  • Paint is a coating used to cover a stucco surface. Expo has a variety of paint products that can be matched to any stucco color. Proper preparation is the key to success when painting a stucco wall.
  • Paint may be applied 28-days after the stucco has been applied. The recommendations of the paint supplier should be followed.
  • If a stucco color coat is to be applied to a painted wall, the paint must first be removed by sand blasting and the wall coated with an acrylic bonder adhesive for proper adhesion of the new color coat.