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Can you apply stucco over a block or brick wall without applying a cement plaster base coat?

  • A leveling coat of plaster applied to the wall prior to the color coat prevents the grout lines from shadowing through the color coat. It also levels the wall for a straighter and more attractive wall. Lemon Grove stucco will also apply an acrylic bonder adhesive to the wall prior to the leveling coat.
  • If the wall has been painted or sealed, sandblasting or a metal reinforcement should be attached and a coat of plaster applied prior to the color coat.

Re-Stuccoing your existing home

Re-stuccoing Your Existing Home
Lemon Grove Stucco Inc. provides top quality service to our customers by permanently employing eleven of the best journeymen in the industry.  As our customer, you will always get the very best quality sandblast and re-stucco job possible.  Our craftsmen have many years of service with Lemon Grove Stucco and are committed to our projects and our company.  So you can be assured you are getting Lemon Grove Stucco’s quality and accountability on all our projects.  In this current down-economy we know there are good skilled workers looking for work.  So we keep our eyes open for the right talent to add to our stable.  We have continued to improve our already “best in the industry” craftsmen by adding three new employees to our crew.  In this difficult economy Lemon Grove Stucco is building for the future.

Re-stucco:   Lemon Grove Stucco’s most common stucco application is that of sandblast and re-stuccoing residential or commercial properties that have painted and damaged exteriors.  We have virtually sandblasted and re-stuccoed a house every weekday for the last 25 years.  Lemon Grove Stucco is proud to tell our customers that we have completed over 4,500+ jobs.  You can see all our completed jobs on our website:  www.lemongrovestucco.com.  Also see Google Earth on our website.
Lemon Grove Stucco Inc. is the oldest sandblast and re-stucco company in San Diego with its original name and its founding owner.  San Diego Stucco is the only company that has been in business longer than Lemon Grove Stucco, but due to the death of the original owner, San Diego Stucco, is under new management.

Many so called professionals will tell you that they have completed 10,000 to 50,000 jobs.  If you do the math, it is easy to expose there “less than truthfulness” sales advertisements. Simple math:  365 days in a year times 22 years equals 8030 jobs.  To do this they would have to work seven days a week for 22 years, with no days off at all, this includes holidays, weather conditions and weekends.  All work and no play makes for a poorly ran company, low moral and bad quality.


Can you match any colors?

  • A wide variety of custom colors are available in our lab for viewing. Samples of colors are available upon request.
  • Some colors cannot be replicated with cement-based stucco. These are usually very dark or high intensity colors.
  • Precise matching of existing stucco is difficult. Environmental conditions and age will cause variations in the original color.
  • Fog coating may be necessary to blend in new and old color coat.
  • Depending on the color, stucco will usually lighten with age. However, dirt, soot, and environmental contamination will darken the color coat.

Service, Skill, Quality, Cleanliness and Timeliness

Service, Skill, Quality, Cleanliness and Timeliness

At Lemon Grove Stucco we base our business
around these five key principles:

Service:  We know that our customers rely on Lemon Grove Stucco to produce a near flawless stucco finish.  To achieve such a finish relies not only upon the harmony and skill of our application specialists but also upon correct management.  Every member of our team has a clearly defined role from concept to completion, and by servicing one another to the best of our ability we achieve true customer service.

Skill:  Lemon Grove Stucco has founded its entire operation on a higher caliber of professional employees.  We believe in near perfection over profit and finish over gain.  We believe that the dollars will follow the performance in the long run.  We tackle every project with one goal.  We work for the perfect customer testimonial.

Quality:  This is an area which Lemon Grove Stucco truly prides itself upon.  We believe our greatest marketing is in the finished stucco product itself, and we consistently strive for a stucco finish that is beyond reproach by other contractors.  To achieve the finest in quality is actually far easier than otherwise.  We use only veteran craftsmen and top quality materials.  We run every project in strict accordance to our founding guidelines and principles.

Cleanliness:  Cleanliness is high priority.  It is an unfortunate fact that many of our competitors rarely give jobsite cleanliness the respect or attention it so rightly deserves.  Here at Lemon Grove Stucco we have identified this as one of the most important aspect of our service.  We pay meticulous attention to detail in regards to jobsite cleanliness. It is our aim to leave the absolute minimum indication of our presence, and at the end of every day, a comprehensive group effort is made to leave any jobsite in complete cleanliness that our customers truly rave about!

Timeliness:  Upon signing a contract to secure the services of Lemon Grove Stucco, one of the very first undertakings is the project schedule.  We assigned dates for the arrival of our scaffold, to the sandblasting and stucco days.  Most jobs take one day to sandblast and one day to stucco.  All trash is removed daily.  Lemon Grove Stucco has completed 95% of our jobs on time.  Rain days are not included.