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100% Acrylic Stucco

100% Acrylic Stucco Coatings

There are three brands of 100% Acrylic stucco distributed in San Diego. They are Expo’s Synergy, Omega’s Omegaflex, and Lahabra’s Parex.  These Acrylic stucco coatings were designed for the exclusive use over cement based substrates.  All these finishes provide a versatile and unique look that will enhance the appearance of any plastered building.  Acrylic coatings harden and will not soften again under heat.  With a non-tacky surface Acrylic stucco products provide a high resistance to the accumulation of dirt, mold and pollutants.  Acrylic stucco finishes will look fresh; resist fading, chalking, and yellowing.  Acrylic stucco finishes will also help to bridge the hairline and shrinkage cracks that are found in traditional Portland cement plaster construction.

Lemon Grove Stucco offers Acrylic stucco as a premium upgrade to our traditional sandblast and re-stucco jobs.  Acrylic stucco is 28% permeable and will allow for water vapor to enter and exit your exterior wall system.  Acrylic finishes can also be applied as an interior finish over various types of interior wall boards and ceiling’s.  Acrylic stucco finishes are available in any color of the spectrum.  If you provide Lemon Grove Stucco with a color sample we will match it for you. That is one of the beauties’ of Acrylic stucco.  We can make any color you want. This is another reason why Acrylic stucco is the obvious choice for both commercial and residential projects.