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Lath and Brown Coat

Strips of lath wood were originally the material of which lath was made from years ago. This type of lath was called Riven lath. These strips of wood were installed horizontally on the wall, with spaces between them. The spaces would provide a locking key that supported the wet cement until it cured. On exterior wall applications, the lath is installed over a weather resistant asphalt impregnated felt, or paper sheet that protects the framing from the moisture that can pass through the porous stucco.  This lath and plaster technique be came widely used until about late 1940. Thousands of San Diego homes were plastered using this technique by some of the original stucco companies like LaRussa Plastering Co. and The Brady Plastering Co.

What is the current lath used?

Metal lath replaced Riven lath.  After World War II, the introduction of metal wire mesh, or netting, replaced the use of wood lath (riven lath). The technique of galvanizing the wire made it corrosion resistant and suitable for exterior wall applications. At the beginning of the 21st century, this “traditional” method of wire mesh lath and three coats of exterior plaster are still widely used. In some parts of the United States (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida), stucco is the predominant exterior for both residential and commercial construction.

What lathing products does Lemon Grove Stucco use?

Lemon Grove Stucco’s policy is to use the best lathing products on all our projects. Some of the quality products we use come from Davis wire. Davis wire’s premium woven lath wire has stood the test of time and is still one of Lemon Grove Stucco’s favorites.  Structalath which is a product by Structawire is a cold rolled welded wire lath engineered to enhance the performance of stucco cladding. Complete with self furred squire openings at 1 1/2 “ and providing ultimate crack bridging capability by mobilizing all wires to create a reinforcing truss of superior stiffness.  Lemon Grove Stucco also uses the very finest trim and corner accessories like “KWIK CORNER” corner bead which is a welded corner assembly that makes the corners of your walls stronger and straighter. If you want rounder corners we use a bull nose bead by K- Lath, with its robust roundness, it’s my favored corner bead. At the base of all walls we use a galvanized (FHA) stucco screed, which is required by the building code.

This extraordinary product is called Sidewall

How long does the brown coat take to cure?

Lemon Grove Stucco ensures consistent quality results with our scratch and brown coat process by adding 2″ chopped glass fibers into our Portland plastic cement mix. For our customers that are willing to pay a little extra money we can use Eisenwall cement and chopped glass fibers. With Eisenwall cement Lemon Grove Stucco can deliver the best results in the shortest time. With Eisenwall we can apply the scratch and brown coat in one pass and are ready for the finish stucco in 3 hours. For a small difference in price, Eisenwall is an inexpensive insurance premium to pay, to ensure crack resistance, lower shrinkage, improved strength, durability and vandal resistance. Lastly, Eisenwall cement provides value with time and labor savings unmatched by any one in the industry. One day versus 3 weeks

Lemon Grove Stucco stocks all Expo and La Habra stucco products in our own warehouse. This allows us to purchase our materials in volume with a greater discount. We can also load our trucks quickly and get on the job site faster than most of our competion can.  We staff our job sites with extra manpower so we have ample time for the very best quality re-stucco job. This includes masking all windows, doors, walk ways, fences, and protecting plants.  We will patch all bad areas with Eisenwall cement or aluminite, apply an acrylic bonding agent on all walls which increases bond strength and improves physical strength.

Why should I trust Lemon Grove Stucco?

Lemon Grove Stucco was founded in 1986 by Cliff and Joyce Davenport which staffs eleven full time employees. Most of whom have been with us for 6 to 20 years. In 25 years of business Lemon Grove Stucco has thousands of completed sand blasted and re-stucco projects.  We have lists with thousands of satisfied customers and full references are supplied with our free estimates.  These references will provide you with 40 completed jobs with in one mile of your house. With our highly skilled team and product suppliers, we can guarantee a successful quality job every time to our valued customers. Please call today at (619) 482-0022 for a free estimate.