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Sandblasting – San Diego Area


Lemon Grove Stucco Sandblasting

While there is no Uniform Building Code that requires you to sand blast before the re-stucco process, it is a vital part and a best trade practice to any re-stucco project.  The purpose of sand blasting is to remove any old layers of paint and cement that may be peeling, flaking, or blistering.  Even paint that is in good shape should be removed prior to re-stuccoing your home.  The removal of these surfaces will allow the walls to breathe allowing moisture to move in and out of the walls as it is intended.  The roughness created on the walls due to sand blasting also provides for a mechanical bond.  Lemon grove Stucco will not re-stucco over a painted surface that has not been properly sand blasted.

Can I hydro blast and stucco over a painted surface?

Many contractors will claim that it is common practice to hydro blast and stucco over an existing painted stucco finish.  Unfortunately, these unprofessional or unlicensed contractors don’t have the sand blasting equipment required to do the job properly.  Sometimes these contractors will rent substandard equipment from a local rental company, which is an inferior way to re-stucco your home or commercial building.  This is because when the underlying paint fails, so will anything attached to it, including a new re-stucco job.

The plastering industry has numerous products dedicated to creating a solid bond between paint and the existing stucco.  Again, if the underlying paint fails, so will a stucco finish from an un-sand blasted job.  In order to correctly re-stucco your home and protect one of your largest investments, it is Lemon Grove Stucco’s professional opinion, that sand blasting is absolutely mandatory, as well as best trade practice.

What licenses and permits are required?

Sand blasting doesn’t require a construction permit.  We are required to register out air compressors and sand blast kettles with the Environmental Protection Agency and also with the Air Pollution Board.  A California State Contractors License is also required for jobs over $500 for materials and labor.  Lemon Grove Stucco is a California licensed contractor with all permits and requirements satisfied.

How will Lemon Grove Stucco prep for sand blasting?

Lemon Grove Stucco’s policy is to mask all windows and doors.  Then we trench the dirt away from the foundation of the walls where possible (4″ to 6″ deep).  If you have a pool, we will either cover it or shield it.  After we have completed prepping your house we will start the sand blasting process, which is the dusty part.  When the sand blasting and clean up are done, we will hydro blast all walls, eaves, and hardscape areas to remove any loose debris and dust.

What about the sandblasting affecting my neighbors?

Lemon Grove Stucco will hang 20′ x 50′ scaffold tarps from the eaves and over the fence to help contain the sand blast dust.  We take every possible precaution to prevent your house, your neighbor’s homes, and property from damage or inconvenience.  However, we do need some help from our customers.  We ask you to please advise your neighbors (with our Neighbor Be Advised Notice) on all sides to close windows and move autos as far away as possible.  Also provided in our sales portfolio is a notice to get ready sheet for our customer to prepare for our sand blast and stucco crew.

Lemon Grove Stucco will usually sand blast and re-stucco the average three bedroom house in two working days.  One day to sand blast and one day to stucco.  With the total job taking two to five days from start to finish.  Lemon Grove Stucco’s policy is to agree on all work dates and stick to them.  Job conditions and size will be the determining factor for the total time of the job.  For example, a nice home with a perfectly manicured landscape and a swimming pool will take longer to protect and clean up then a new construction site will.

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