Welcome to Lemon Grove Stucco. Serving San Diego, La Mesa, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Coronado, National City, Claremont and Neighboring Cities..

Steps of Service

Steps of Service
•    A complete inspection of your home’s exterior.
•    Reveals surface deterioration including peeling chipping, flaking, paint, cement, and other suspect areas.

•    We will come to your home and give you a free estimate.
•    We will answer all your questions.
•    We will council you on custom colors and textures.
•    We will explain the difference in products like cement stucco and acrylic stucco.
•    We will offer all our expertise.

•    Trench around perimeter of home in order to apply the stucco coat below the dirt line.
•    Inhibits capillary action of ground moisture.
•    Helps eliminate costly repairs from decay at foundation.

 Sand blasting
•    Entire house is sand blasted to remove old paint from stucco walls.
•    We will sand scrape and remove all old layers of paint from the walls.
•    After sand blasting our powerful water pressure cleaning action removes dirt, stains, mildew and algae. We will even hydro blast the surrounding areas.

Repair & patch
•    Deteriorated area is prepared and patched using specially formulated Eisenwall cement, aluminite, and stucco.
•    Corrects surface defects like old window patches, nicks, and dings.
•    Creates a sound and uniform surface for your new stucco job.

•    All doors, windows and walk ways are carefully covered.
•    Allows for the most professional looking sandblast and re-stucco job.
•    Masking allows for nice crisp and clean trim.

•    Acrylic bonder by Expo, La Habra, and Omega stucco products are sprayed on using high pressure techniques.
•    Stucco bonder gives us a chemical bond to our professionally sand blasted and re-stuccoed walls.

•    Our special application process assures even distribution of stucco colors and textures.
•    Our craftsmen will create the best re-stucco finish on your home.
•    A wide variety of fade resistant colors to choose from provided from Expo, La Habra, and Omega stucco products.
•    Sand blast and Re-stucco will last longer than any ordinary paint or exterior finish.
•    Lemon Grove Stucco means Quality.                               

Clean up
•    Masking is removed; lawns, shrubs, and other surfaces are cleaned of stucco debris.        
•    Your property is left tidy, clean, and beautiful just like your most valued possession your home.

Stucco Inspection
•    Entire house is carefully inspected for quality and uniformity.
•    Assures proper thickness and uniform appearance of our re-stucco job.
•    Assures maximum protection of your most valued possession your home.
•    Congratulations your home was just sand blasted and re-stuccoed by Lemon Grove Stucco Inc. Where quality is number one.