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Stucco Failures- By Our Competition

You will see jobs that my competitors have done  and the stucco is failing or falling off in big sheets.

If you look closely you will notice one common denominator on all the stucco failures. The common Denominator is that none of the jobs were sandblasted and the re stucco job is falling off. These failures are caused by unlicensed and un professional contractors that don’t have and won’t invest in the proper sand blasting equipment to do the job right. They are not looking out for your best interest or the best interest of the stucco industry. They are only looking out for themselves and trying to make a buck for themselves. These unlicensed and unprofessional contractors will usually tell you that they can hydro blast glue and re stucco your home. This is a poor way to re stucco your home because hydro blasting doesn’t create a mechanical bite for the stucco to stick to. And when the paint peals so will the stucco.